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Quality 24 hour care in the comfort and security of your own home throughout England.

Peter's Live-in Care Story (short version)

If you need full-time professional care, but want to remain at home, live-in care is the ideal solution.

Our live-in care service provides one-to-one, 24-hour bespoke care for you or a loved one in the comfort, security and familiar surroundings of your own home with the support of a carefully matched live-in care worker. This enables you to live independently and to your own schedule, while also enjoying the presence of family, friends and neighbours.

With our live-in care options, you can receive tailored care and support for the short term or long term through a personalised plan.

Our trained live-in carers can support people of all ages with a variety of attention needs and dependency levels. We can provide care for health issues such as:

Our care workers go above and beyond to enrich the lives of those they support; helping with personal care, companionship, mobility, domestic tasks, socialising and enjoying days out.

For many, live-in care has prevented a hospital or care home admission while improving quality of life, health and wellbeing at home. Providing peace of mind for you and your family.

With designated support, your family can rest assured that help is on hand should you need it, allowing them to step down from their own duties as a carer and resume their role within the family dynamic.

I urgently needed a live-in carer as my father, who I had been caring for for 18 months, was being discharged from hospital.

Agincare took all the pressure off me. They were very professional from my initial enquiry right through to setting up care.

The live-in carer, Mabel, was heaven sent, she was very supportive, and cared for Dad as well as I would have.

– Sara A (May 2021)

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Advantages of 24-hour live-in home care

24-hour live-in care lets you or a loved one continue living at home even when a family carer is away. Our live-in care service can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Receive one-to-one, personalised support, 24 hours a day, from a carefully-matched care worker
  • Stay in your own home, alongside family or pets
  • Keep your independence and continue to be part of your local community
  • Prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness with the companionship of your live-in carer
  • Receive support to ensure you get the medication, nutrition and hydration you need
  • Help with domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • Reduce your risk of falls and hospitalisation
  • Peace of mind for your family and loved ones that may not be local, knowing that professional care help is available 24/7
  • Stay with your loved one in your family home regardless of varying care needs
  • Reduce pressure on relationships with family members who may otherwise need to become full time carers
  • Offering an alternative to care homes with prices ranging from £1150 to £1395 per week

Why choose Agincare?

Agincare has been providing high quality, affordable care for over 35 years. We are one of the nation’s largest live-in care providers.

Our services in Central, South East and South West regions are rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our North office has only recently opened and has not yet been rated.

As well as providing care for self-funding clients, we also work with public sector partners to provide award-winning, versatile and responsive live-in care solutions.

  • We are a family-owned care provider, offering reliable and professional care since 1986
  • We are one of the largest care groups in England with more than 3500 staff providing a range of care services, including home care and care homes, as well as live-in care
  • Nearly 90% of our customers rate us ‘excellent’ or ‘great’ on Trustpilot
  • All our live-in carers are employed by us and are enhanced DBS (police) checked
  • All our care staff are English-speaking
  • We have a unique ‘person-first’ approach to care, meaning we take the time to fully understand your needs and situation so we can provide appropriate care

For a free care needs assessment call us on 01305443115 or email us.

Premium service

Agincare’s live-in care packages incorporate a concierge service within the standard price. This means that your care worker is there to support you in all aspects of your life; assisting you to continue living the way you want to and enriching your quality of life.

Your live-in care worker could help you with:

  • Pet care
  • Light gardening duties
  • Collecting medication
  • Managing your finances
  • Travelling
  • Liaising with healthcare professionals
  • Socialising
  • Pursuing hobbies and interests
  • Shopping
  • Days out

Respite care

One of our respite care workers will help minimise disruption to your routine and lifestyle while your regular carer is away.

As with all of our live-in care services, we can tailor our respite support to you and offer complete flexibility. This means that you can receive respite care as frequently or as infrequently as you like, for any period of time.

Fully regulated and managed live-in care

What makes our live-in care special is that we fully manage it.

We employ and pay all of our care workers and so have a duty of care to you. For example, should your care worker fall ill, we are responsible for finding someone to replace them.

When you arrange live-in care with us, you will receive a person-centred care plan and risk assessment, as well as support from a dedicated care manager and care supervisor. With our fully managed service, you also benefit from the additional reassurance and peace of mind of a 24 hour on call emergency line.

As our live-in carers are employed by us, we also guarantee their training, supervision and support; giving you confidence in the quality of the care received.

What’s more, as a care provider, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This gives you a higher level of protection and assurance, knowing that a professional team is always on hand.

By contrast, introductory services or care agencies will put you in contact with a self-employed care worker. Compared to our premium service, they offer fewer guarantees and leave you or a loved one to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care received.


A personal approach to arranging your care

We understand that someone coming to live in your home can be a big step. That’s why we are diligent when matching a live-in carer to you. Our comprehensive assessment and matching process is done by a designated care coordinator who will take time to get to know you and your preferences.

Each live-in carer has their own mix of experience, qualifications, background and interests meaning that, with our help, you can find your ideal care companion.

Once your care begins, you will receive ongoing support from our professional team.

This includes:

  • Assigned point of contact throughout your care
  • Weekly calls from our office team
  • Regular visits from one of our care coordinators
  • Round the clock emergency on-call service for you and your care worker

Costs of live-in care

The cost of our fully regulates and managed live-in care service ranges from £1150 to £1395 per week, depending on the level of care you need.

This incorporates our full concierge service which guarantees comprehensive elderly care and support in all aspects of your life for the single, weekly fee.

We decided on Agincare because they took care of everything. With other providers we looked at you had to pay travelling expenses, etc. But we didn’t want any extra complications, just to pay a monthly fee that covered everything.

If you have concerns or questions about the cost of live-in care and would like to know what funding options are available to you, we can help. Read our guide to funding options.

Cost Calculator

Complete our short online cost calculator to receive a personalised indication of the level and cost of live-in care based on your needs.

Live-in care satisfaction survey results

Our latest live-in care survey results are a powerful endorsement of the positive difference we make to people’s lives.

Infographic for live-in care satisfaction

Live-in care FAQs

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a fully trained care worker lives with you in your own home so to provide 24-hour, one-to-one support, seven days a week. 24-hour live-in care is available for older people and younger adults.

It is an affordable alternative to a care home that gives you control over your care, bringing you consistent one-to-one support.

How does live-in care work?

With live-in care, you or your loved ones carry on living at home and retain your normal routine where possible thanks to the assistance of your care worker.

Friends and family can visit whenever you want and your live-in carer will assist you to pursue your interests and desires, such as going on trips out and helping you attend events.

How safe is live-in care during COVID?

Live-in care at home is one of the safest and most comfortable forms of elderly care. Within the comfort of your own home, you are in complete control over who enters your property.

What is the difference between live-in care and domiciliary care?

With live-in care, a carer comes to live with you in your house. They support you with exactly the level of care and support you need, when you need it.

Because they’re living with you, they’re on hand 24/7, so you always have someone to talk to and support you. Your live-in carer can help you with household tasks, such as shopping, cleaning, feeding pets or taking you to appointments.

With home care, a care worker comes in to support you an agreed number of times a day or week. They could come in to help you get up, washed and dressed in the morning, for example. They would then leave your home to go to another appointment. A different care worker might arrive to prepare you lunch or help you get ready for bed.

What is included in our live-in care service?

The type of care your live-in carer supports you with depends entirely on you. Your care worker will be on hand 24 hours a day, but the actual care and support they provide is tailored to your care needs. Everyone is different, so each of our care packages is different, too.

Our live-in care also comes with a concierge service included within the standard price. This includes additional support such as:

  • Taking service users on days out
  • Gardening
  • Collecting medication
  • Pet care
  • Liaising with healthcare professionals
  • Shopping

How do I know it’s time for my loved one to receive 24-hour home care?

The following signs indicate that it may be time to consider a change from home care to 24-hour live-in care at home:

  • Compromised balance or frequent imbalance, which may be a result of age, a neurological problem or an accident
  • Recent hospitalisation or stay in a rehabilitation facility after a stroke, fracture or heart attack
  • Frequent confusion or agitation in the dark or upon waking up in the middle of the night
  • Wandering from home, on foot or in a vehicle, and getting confused or lost
  • Frequent fainting
  • Fright or confusion over the short absences of family, friends or caregivers

Is live-in care suitable if I need specialist care?

Yes, absolutely. Our live-in care team have a range of experience and specialisms, including dementia, palliative care and end-of-life care. We will match you to a carer who is right for you and your care needs. Regardless of your needs, you have peace of mind that the right support will be available from one of our fully trained care workers.

What live-in care areas do we cover?

Agincare is one of the nation’s largest live-in care providers. Our four regional teams - Central, North, South-East and South-West - cover the length and breadth of England. Many of our live-in carers are extremely mobile, meaning they are happy to move to a different part of the country to support a client.

What do our live-in care clients say?

Many of our clients and their families give us feedback about our live-in care service through reviews and annual customer surveys.

What services does a live-in carer provide?

Our live-in carers can provide tailored support such as personal care, medication management, moving safely around your home, companionship care and household chores.

Our premium live-in care service also includes a concierge service within the standard price. which mean our live-in carers provide additional support to enrich your life, including: taking service users on days out, light gardening duties, pet care, liaising with healthcare professionals and shopping.

How do we match a live-in carer to you?

Our comprehensive assessment and matching process is done by a designated care co-ordinator who will find the best available care worker for you. They will present you with two or three profiles to consider and select from based on an understanding of your needs and preferences.

Each live-in carer has their own mix of experience, qualifications, background and interests - meaning that, with our help, you can find your ideal care companion.

What will your live in carer need?

Your live-in carer will need a bedroom and is entitled to a 2-hour break each day (or 14 hours a week). They will also need somewhere to keep their clothes and access to a bathroom and kitchen.

While they are on call for 24 hours a day, minimal interruptions during the night are expected. If this does not suit your needs, 24-hour care or a waking nights option is available.

How much does live-in care cost?

The cost of our fully regulated and managed service ranges from £1150 to £1395 per week, depending on the level of care required.

Complete our short live in care cost calculator to receive a personalised indication of the level and cost of care based on your needs.

It is designed to be a real alternative to care homes for people who do not want to leave their own home.

Do I have to sell my family home to afford 24 hour home care?

If you are still living in your home, it cannot be taken into account as an asset when calculating the cost of care.

Therefore, your home remains yours to bequeath or do with as you wish. This is particularly relevant for people with combined assets amounting to more than £23,250 (the point at which clients become responsible for the full cost of their care).

Is there any financial support available?

You may qualify for some level of live in care funding from your local authority or the NHS. Before agreeing to pay for any or all of your care costs the council will carry out a financial assessment, taking into account any savings and assets you have.

Who chooses live-in care?

Live-in care is a genuine alternative to a care home for those who would prefer to stay in their own home.

If you currently have home care visits but your care needs have increased, 24-hour live-in care can be a real alternative to residential care.

Alternatively, if you live with a partner and one or both of you requires support, our live-in care for couples’ service can be a very cost-effective way of giving you the exact level of bespoke care you both need to stay together in your own home.

Live-in care can also be the perfect option for people being discharged from hospital. Our service can either provide short-term support while they recuperate or longer-term care at home through a personalised care package.

How do you differ from a live-in care introductory agency?

We are proudly not an introductory agency. We employ all our live-in carers, which means that we are wholly responsible for recruiting them and making sure their training is up-to-date.

Even our fantastic care workers need regular holidays. And with Agincare, you don’t need to worry about finding someone else to support you while they’re away, that’s our job.

We are there for you every day that we provide you with live-in care. We are always at the end of a phone, should you need us. Quite simply, introductory agencies won’t give you the level of service, security and reassurance that we will.

Why is it important to have CQC regulated live-in care?

We’re proud that the CQC has rated all our regional live-in care teams as Good.

The Care Quality Commission inspects and regulates different care services, including live-in care. They base their inspection on five key questions:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they effective?
  • Are they caring?
  • Are they responsive to people's needs?
  • Are they well-led?

A report is then published on the CQC website. CQC reports are a useful tool when you’re researching live-in care services, helping to give you a clearer picture of the level of care you might receive.

How can I arrange live-in care near me?

The easiest way to start is by giving us a call or by filling in our contact form. A member of your local live-in care team will be your main contact.

They’ll answer any questions you might have and talk you through the process in a calm and unpressured way. You’ll have the time and space to reflect and decide whether to proceed with live-in care.

If you do choose us as your live-in care provider, we’ll go through a detailed care assessment with you, so we fully understand the level and type of care you or your loved one need. Then we’ll be able to devise a comprehensive care plan, tailored to your individual needs.

We’ll also get to know you, your likes and dislikes. All this information helps us match you with a care worker who will make a positive difference to you and your quality of life.

Do you offer respite care?

Yes, we offer respite care that’s tailored to yours or your loved one’s needs. This could be a one-off stay, to give a regular family carer a much-needed break, or a regular arrangement to give you variety in your care, plus time off to your carer.

Our bespoke care can last as long as you need it to. We are often called upon to provide sudden respite care at very short (24-hours) notice. We will always do our level best to help people in need of our professional help.

We have live-in carers who specialise in providing respite care, meaning our clients and their families know that there will be a reassuring continuity of care.

How do live-in care fees compare to residential care fees?

The cost of our live-in care depends entirely on the level of care you need. To get an estimate, why not complete our free, quick and easy cost calculator?

The cost calculator takes your answers to 10 simple questions about your care needs, and sends you a live-in care cost estimate.

Live-in care can be particularly cost-effective for couples who require support but who would prefer to stay in their own home.

Another important financial aspect of live-in care is that, unlike with residential care, the local authority will not take the value of your home into account as an asset, because you are still living there.

What happens when a live-in carer has a break/holiday/emergency?

As part of our comprehensive and high-quality service, it is our responsibility to find you a replacement.

The advantage of live-in care from Agincare is that we have a pool of experienced live-in carers. This means we can match the right carer to you.

Some of our live-in carers specialise in covering colleagues’ holidays, and are very experienced in adapting quickly to a new placement. It means that your normal arrangements need not be disturbed or changed.

Do live in carers pay rent?

No, accommodation within your home is included in the live-in care package. As your care worker will be living with you, they will need their own bedroom, with space for their things.

You have a choice about how your care worker’s food costs are covered. You can either accommodate your care worker in your weekly shop, or keep their food bill separate. In this case an additional £30 per week would be added to your bill and then paid to the care worker with their salary.

Do you provide care for couples?

Our live-in care for couples’ service can support couples in their own homes from £1450 per week. This makes live-in care more cost-effective than a couple moving to a care home where they would be charged for two rooms. It also gives partners peace of mind that, as their needs increase, they can stay together in their home and continue to enjoy their daily lives while receiving the level of care they need.

Our live-in carers can provide specialist care in a range of specialisms, including dementia, palliative care and end-of-life care.

Are your live-in carers self-employed?

No. Agincare is a care provider offering a fully managed service. This means that we directly employ our live-in carers and ensure that they have received all the necessary training. You will receive a person-centred care plan and risk assessment and will be supported by a dedicated care manager and care supervisor. You will also have the added reassurance of a 24 hour on call emergency line.

We are also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission; giving you peace of mind that you are receiving high quality, professional care. By contrast, a self-employed care worker offers fewer guarantees and leaves you to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care your loved one receives.

When do live-in carers take time off and have breaks?

A live-in carer is entitled to a 2-hour break each day, or 14 hours each week. They also require minimum disruption during the night. If your needs require full 24-hour, night time support, our waking nights’ service is available.

Many live-in carers work 3 weeks on and 1 week off. During their week leave, we will find you a temporary live-in carer who will move in and continue your care plan.

How does live-in care differ from a care home?

Both live-in care and a care home provide 24-hour support for you or a loved one. Unlike in a care home however, with live-in care you can continue to live in your home among familiar surroundings, people, pets and objects.

Live-in care is an affordable alternative to residential care. As well as a tailored care package, you will benefit from 24-hour, one to one support from a single carer. This allows you to enjoy the companionship of a carer hand-picked for you and build a meaningful relationship with them.

In a care home, you have a safe and secure environment with support from a care team, on hand 24/7. Here, you are supported in all aspects of daily life with group activities, accommodation and meals all planned on your behalf through a care plan agreed by you.

How long do live-in carers stay?

All of our live-in care placements are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Your live-in carer will support you for as long as you need them. As a fully managed service, when your care worker goes on holiday, we will find someone to cover for them until they return.

We can also provide live-in care on a short term basis. Our reablement service is available to those looking to regain their independence after a period of hospitalisation.

What is a live-in carer?

A live-in carer is a fully trained care worker who lives with you in your home so to provide care to you. They can help you with personal care, household chores and getting out and about.

They are also there to provide companionship care and emotional support; whether that is sitting down with a cup of tea, or watching your favourite TV show.

Our live-in carers also provide a concierge service, meaning that they can assist with additional tasks such as feeding your pets, light gardening duties and collecting medication.

Our live-in carers have a range of experience and specialisms, including dementia, palliative care, and end-of-life care.

How many hours does a live-in carer work?

Your live-in carer lives with you so to provide 24-hour care and support. They are entitled to a 2 hour break each day (or 14 hours each week).

However, minimal interruption during the night is expected. If your needs require frequent support during the night, full 24-hour care or a waking nights service is available.

How do you pay for live-in care?

Live-in care can be paid for through council funding or privately. Based on an assessment of your financial situation and care needs, the local authority will decide whether it is them, or you who is to pay for live-in care. The local authority may also decide that it requires a combination of both options.

The advantage of live-in care is that, because you continue to live in your home, it cannot be taken into account as an asset in the financial assessment.

For more information, please call us on 01305443115 or email us.

Live in care jobs

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Joining our care team offers you a chance to fulfil your call to care, with competitive pay, great benefits and flexibility as well as a fully supported care assistant training programme.